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210.163    Tguridare   ^

Bha, grey, wet and not cold. You can't call this winter.
Current temp is 13.1°C in and 4.9°C out .


Hehe, just a little bit of support and a lot of fiddling about. Like finding out I ended all my lines with a colon in stead of a semi colon. Well, almost all the lines. So I do a global scan replace. But of course in some places (parameter-passing) a colon is needed so the global replace did just redistribute the errors.


Dinner is rice with sweet-sour sauce. No meat no extra vegetables, just rice and a bit of sauce. I have been sleeping badly a couple of night lately because of eating to much and to late. Well I haven't eaten to much really but mostly to late for a full meal.





Is it actually 20 years old? oh my! ( http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=28164 ) And the Tetris blocks are still falling.


Tuesday     2005-12-06   (Remarks about 170 words)

210.164    Saldare   ^

Bha, grey, wet and not cold. Again. When it's clear and sunny I like to be bored by the weather, when it's drab and wet I don't. At least it's cooling down a bit.
Current temp is 12.4°C in and 2.6°C out .


Hmm, got someone at the door at half past six (morning) asking for one of the neighbours. But not by a name I know (not that I know them by name anyway) and by a description (short, with a beard and a scuffy looking) that doesn't fit any of the neighbours I know. So I say so.
And five minutes later he tries to go round the back of the house. So I tell him, a bit firmer, to get off.
Hmm, he looked more homeless/drunk than criminal so I am not overly worried.


Work is going well. I got a couple of programs adapted and tested and now I start applying the same adaptation to a whole bunch of other programs. I am aiming to clear this step before the end of the year. That should be easy but with people going on holidays the amount of support is gone rise (users doing jobs they are not used to) and there will be less people to provide that support (OK never more than one person missing but that is still 20% down). So it's going to be a busy time.


Dinner is mushroom pizza. Just a perfect bottom, covered with some spaghetti sauce and a heap of chopped mushrooms. Toped off with cheese and herbs (a bit too spicy). GRRrrrreeat !





Why does this remind me of a peacock posturing, stamping its feet and calling out? ( http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=28194 ) Just before groveling to the peahens (or ending up stuffed in an oven :) )


Launched too close to the shopping season's peak and suffering shortages. ( http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=28198 ) Some Microsoft bod made a small planning mistake. A small mistake but not a cheap one.


Wednesday     2005-12-07   ( Remarks about 348 words)

210.165    Glindare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Thursday     2005-12-08   ( Remarks about words)

210.166    Ubodare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Friday     2005-12-09   ( Remarks about words)

210.167    Mirbandare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Saturday     2005-12-10   ( Remarks about words)

210.168    Blegidare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Sunday     2005-12-11   ( Remarks about words)

210.169    Sufirdare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Monday     2005-12-12   ( Remarks about words)

210.170    Lielidare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Tuesday     2005-12-13   ( Remarks about words)

210.171    Utrodare   ^

Current temp is °C in and °C out.


Wednesday     2005-12-14   ( Remarks about words)

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